The Incredible Invention of Invisalign® Aligners

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Isn’t modern technology wonderful? Whenever there is a human need, technology answers the call with an advanced improvement that makes our lives better. Take the orthodontic field as an example. For decades, the only option if someone wanted straighter teeth was to get metal braces. Metal braces, in and of themselves, are a great invention, but people wished for a way to straighten their teeth without the hassle, uncomfortability, and embarrassment of “metal mouth,” and so clear aligners were born.

Invisalign® was the first, and is the most popular brand in clear aligners today. Credit for the invention goes to a young student from Stanford by the name of Zia Chishti. He thought of the concept as he himself was ending his orthodontic treatment and was presented with a plastic retainer. Questioning why his whole ordeal with braces couldn’t have been accomplished with a device similar to a molded retainer, he enlisted an engineer friend and the two of them began the journey towards the Invisalign® we know today.

Invisalign® makes it possible for people, who may never have chosen to get metal braces, to have the straighter teeth that they desire. Whether for cosmetic or for health reasons, Invisalign® has solved many of the most common concerns that come along with metal braces. Beyond the fact that they reduce self-consciousness by being nearly invisible, the most beneficial improvements being the ability to remove the aligners from the mouth to eat, brush your teeth, and to clean the appliance.

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