Picking Porcelain for Crowns or Veneers

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There are various types of dental restorations that can be done to help the teeth and mouth to function properly. Beyond mundane functionality, aesthetics are also enhanced when these improvements are made. Porcelain is a material used because we can match it to the color of your natural teeth. Two types of restorations that utilize porcelain are crowns and veneers.

The crown is the area of the tooth that appears above the gumline—basically what is visible. When a dentist recommends that you get a crown (or a cap), it is because the tooth involved needs heavy restoration and will be reduced in size to make a base upon which the porcelain crown may be cemented. The result is that the porcelain crown will be mounted upon and totally encompass to what remains of the natural tooth. The good thing is that with a porcelain crown, the artificial tooth will look as natural and be as functional as the original, all the while protecting it from further structural damage.

Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are bonded to the surface of front teeth and could be described as being similar to false fingernails. Veneers are usually chosen when the patient wants to improve the appearance of visible teeth that have an imperfection of some type—either in shape, size, color or inclination.

In summary, the differences between porcelain crowns and veneers are that crowns encapsulate and require more reduction of the underlying tooth, while veneers are minimally invasive and require only minor tooth preparation to the surface of a tooth. Using porcelain as the material for both crowns and veneers ensures that the artificial tooth looks as close as possible to the natural teeth.

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