Four Kinds of Food for Dental Health

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Do you want an improved dental health? Did you know some foods may be able to assist you with that endeavor? While some kinds of food may be harmful, others can have beneficial properties for your oral health. We would like to inform you about a few foods that can help improve and protect the health of your smile.

Dairy: In addition to calcium, some dairy products can have other benefits. Cheese may be able to help increase your saliva production and lower acid levels in your mouth.
Foods with fluoride: While seafood can be a great source of fluoride, it doesn’t have to be your only source. You could choose from carrots, canned pork or tomato products, beans, juices or beets.
Fibrous fruits and vegetables: Even though they shouldn’t be used to replace your regular dental hygiene routine, these fruits and vegetables can help to clean your mouth in times when brushing and flossing is not convenient. Some examples may include apples, carrots and celery.
Sugarless gum and candy: It might seem funny for our dentists to recommend these until you realize that they can help your dental health. These options could increase your saliva flow, which helps to naturally clean your mouth.

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