Dental Fillings: Which Kind Should You Get?

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Do you need to have a cavity filled? Are debating which kind of filling you should get? If you are, we would like to make it a little easier for you by telling you a little bit about amalgam and composite fillings and why both of them could be beneficial to you.

Amalgam fillings are made by mixing different metals including silver and mercury. The fillings can be incredibly strong and could last ten years or longer. But because of their composition, they cannot blend in with your teeth, which may make them undesirable to some. They may be used often on back teeth like molars because of their innate strength. Amalgam fillings could cost less than composites.

Made from a mixture of fine glass and plastic, composite fillings is meant to match your natural teeth. Because of their blending capabilities, they are often chosen for fillings on teeth that are immediately visible when you smile. They can be applied directly on the cavity and then the resin is hardened, and it can bond to the tooth. Even though composite fillings may be stronger than amalgam fillings, they can chip and wear over time, and could become stained.

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